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This is a tool for running Wikisouce proofreading contests (especially the annual Wikisource Anniversary Proofreading Contest, WAPC).

During a contest people can help proofread and validate book pages on Wikisouces. For each page either proofread or validated the participant gain points. At the end of the contest, a prize is awarded to the Wikisourceror with the most points. Second and third-place prize are awarded with a random drawing from all the remaining contestants: each point that you gained during the contest is like a lottery ticket, so the more points you have gained during the contest (that is, the more pages you have proofread or validated), the more chances you have to win.

There are three components to the score: 1) the total Points; 2) the total number of Validations performed; and 3) the total number of constructive Contributions of all sorts.

Scoring system
Action takenPointsValidationsContributions
From any status to Proofread: 3 0 1
From Proofread to Validated: 1 1 1
If a Validated page is demoted:-1-1-1
If a Proofread page is demoted:-3 0-1